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Weblinks provide creative graphic design services for websites, advertising production, printed brochures, sales catalogues and email campaigns. This large and diverse skill set ensures Weblinks is able to provide a comprehensive solution for all types of business.

About us

Weblinks is a versatile design and production company based in the heart of the Cotswold Water Park. Our professional attitude towards producing creative and efficient solutions for customers, both local and national, has resulted in us becoming approved service providers to national associations.

Our award winning website solutions have also been recognised at both a National and International level. Most importantly, we believe our friendly approach and attention to detail has helped to build long standing relationships with all our clients since the company was founded in 1996.

Meet the team

Our highly skilled team are focused on helping clients with all aspects of print and digital media.

Martin Ellis

Managing Director

Martin has experience in all aspects of the business. His background in print and web design spans over twenty years and he still takes a healthy interest in production based tasks. Aside from running the company, Martin's key skills are digital image editing and colour management.

A Director of Weblinks since the company incorporation in 1996

Rachael Hewitt

Account Executive

Rachael liaises with print customers ensuring requests for estimates and account updates are provided quickly. Rachael also processes the company bookeeping records as a part owner in the business.

With Weblinks since 2009

Joel Thomas

Website and Graphic Designer

As the longest serving member of staff, Joel has a wealth of experience in website design. With a formal training in art, Joel always finds a creative way to turn a good concept into a great design. With 14 years web design experience Joel knows what it takes to see a project through from initial brief to finished website.

With Weblinks since 1999

Tara Plaister

Advertising Administrator

Tara looks after all advertising clients ensuring jobs are accurate and produced on time. Last minute offers to clients by publications often result in very short lead times for advertising production to be completed. With Tara’s input, advertising copy and pictures are quickly turned into usable adverts, ensuring satisfied customers and effective results. Tara also maintains advertising content for clients websites, ensuring the information presented is both accurate and up to date.

With Weblinks since 2007

Paul Vellacott

Web Manager

Paul’s experience in troubleshooting and web programming serve him well as Weblinks Web Manager. He understands all aspects of website production and has the patience required to resolve issues of a technical nature. Paul manages the day to day aspects of all web projects liaising with the rest of the team to ensure everything runs smoothly. He also finds time to solve IT issues customers face, usually with domain and hosting arrangements.

With Weblinks since 2000

Chris Mellor

Digital Artworker

Chris handles the typesetting and page layout aspects for clients advertisements. His accuracy and attention to detail ensure all facts and figures are reproduced faithfully. The same desktop publishing skills are used to produce artwork for printed leaflets and brochures, which Chris also plays a key part in producing. Having worked for Weblinks for 12 years, Chris provides support to more recent members of staff, drawing from years of experience in maintaining clients website property databases.

With Weblinks since 2001

Jessica Williams

Website Programming Assistant

Jess has been trained in-house at Weblinks as a programmer using Perl, Javascript and HTML, to create interactive web and database solutions.

With Weblinks since 2012

Brian Goves

Advertising Manager

With a career spanning over 40 years Brian has a wealth of experience and an extensive knowledge of advertising. His experience enables Weblinks to advise and support clients ensuring the right solutions are found for all advertising issues.

With Weblinks since 2005

History timeline

Weblinks Design Timeline


The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. The internet had existed since the early 1960’s but there were very few visual aids to navigating content held within it. Tim made it possible to navigate around the world wide network of computers, by simply clicking on text links within pages from one to another, using a new communication method called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Weblinks Design Timeline


The first website was built and hosted at CERN (the Centre of European Research into Nuclear physics) where Tim Berners-Lee worked and developed software needed to run both a web server and a web browser to view the content available.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Students at the University of Illinois working on projects for the National Centre for Super computing Applications (NCSA) developed a web browser called Mosiac. It was the first popular web browser and was programmed to display images within the web pages.
Marc Andreessen the team leader on Mosiac left NCSA and started a company Netscape Communications with James Clark, a former founder of the Silicon Graphics computer company.

Weblinks Design Timeline


The history of Weblinks starts in 1993 when Martin Ellis joined a printing and advertising agency having studied Graphic Design at Art College. At eighteen he already had eight years experience with computers, computer graphics and programming, having grown up during the era of 8 bit micro computers. Despite this his first year with the printing company was spent working with tradional pre-press methods using drawing boards, scalpels and inks, in an art studio for design and a dark room for processing.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Netscape released version 1.0 of Navigator, a commercial web browser for viewing content on the World Wide Web. It quickly became the number one choice for viewing the web and contributed to many of the advances in early website developments. During the same year, Martin set about digitising all the artwork for clients at the printing company, while spending his own time and money on software to create 3D illustrations, using methods similar to those advanced by Pixar to create Toy Story. The digital age had truly arrived.

Weblinks Design Timeline


During the year Martin took an interest in the internet and World Wide Web. While browsing at his local WHSmith he noticed a magazine called Net User with a headline entitled 'Spinning Webs - The Secrets and Magic of The World Wide Web Explained'. At this time the internet had yet to gain the interest of the general public but it was obvious to him that it would become the most important marketing tool in years to come.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Having convinced his work colleague Geoff Hunt of the merits of the World Wide Web, the pair put forward a business proposal to their employer Paul Simes. The three then reached an agreement to start a separate company.

Weblinks Advertising Ltd was incorporated on 25th June 1996 with help from a fourth shareholder Mike Watts who had experience in forming companies. Weblinks began as a part-time concern for all involved while customers were found for the fledgling business.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Weblinks began developing website content management systems. The most popular search engines at the time were Yahoo and Alta Vista, although some people would also remember Excite, Lycos, Hotbot, Infoseek and Webcrawler. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was an unfamiliar term but one which would become increasing important in the future.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Google appeared and became a popular choice in the UK from 1998 onwards. It stood out from the other search engines as there were no banner adverts on the home page and the search results were actually effective, making web browsing a lot more useful than it had been.

Weblinks Design Timeline


As the Weblinks business grew additional staff were needed so
Joel Thomas was recruited to learn website design and became the first full-time member of staff. Towards the end of the year there was a considerable amount of fuss made in the media about the so called ‘Millenium bug’.

Weblinks Design Timeline


A new year, a new millennium, but no sign of the suggested global network meltdown. By the year 2000 Paul Vellacott had joined Weblinks to help build and maintain customers websites. Geoff Hunt left the company at the end of the year to pursue his music interests as the bass guitar player in the Led Zeppelin tribute band Whole Lotta Led.

Weblinks Design Timeline


A new challenge for Martin as he was promoted to Design Studio Manager at Caerprint Limited while still helping to develop Weblinks in his spare time.

With increased demand for Weblinks services, Chris Mellor joined Weblinks in 2001 to help maintain the property websites. Martin found the next three years less inspiring within the website industry. The dot com 'bubble' was helping to mislead people about the real value of using the world wide web and ‘branding’, to some, seemed more important than actual usefulness. By the end of the year the bubble had burst and many internet start-up companies ceased trading. In the meantime, Martin and Paul had a breakthrough with online database development helping to ensure future success for Weblinks.

Weblinks Design Timeline


With a small team now developing the websites, Martin took a break from learning new skills and instead used his spare time to help a local graphic designer with digital imaging and technical support. The designer was David Hewitt and, with help from Martin, David was able to continue growing his business designing and producing advertisements and brochures for the Fine Art and Antiques trade.

Weblinks Design Timeline


By now Martin had found an enjoyable work/life balance but this was about to change again when Paul Simes retired from the print industry in August 2004. Before leaving, Paul arranged for Weblinks to move into temporary premises at Preston Mill Barn in Cirencester.

Towards the end of 2004 Martin realised the only way to take the company forward was to leave his job at the print and advertising agency and manage Weblinks full time.

Weblinks Design Timeline


With encouragement from others to take the company forwards, Martin became Managing Director of Weblinks in January. Brian Goves joined Weblinks later in July having previously worked alongside Martin for many years at the advertising agency. Weblinks quickly outgrew the office at Preston Mill Barn and plans were established for a new purpose built office just outside Cirencester.

Weblinks Design Timeline


David Hewitt joined Martin at Weblinks and became a Director of the company, replacing the remaining original shareholders. Weblinks then entered a period of substantial change as the move to Lakeside Barn at Ashton Keynes helped to grow the business further.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Weblinks officially joined forces with David Hewitt & Associates to provide website services for the Fine Art and Antiques trade. During the same year Weblinks was asked to produce all National advertising for a leading firm of estate agents.

Tara Plaister was recruited as an advertising administrator to provide support for Brian and help with the increased workload.

Weblinks Design Timeline


After a two year illness David Hewitt sadly passed away in May 2009. His involvement in the company was transferred to his wife Rachael who became a member of staff later in the year, joining Weblinks as an Account Executive. Rachael now works alongside Martin liaising with clients on the print side of the business and helping to keep the company accounts in order.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Oliver Rackley joined Weblinks and after taking a keen interest in Search Engine Optimisation became an SEO developer. Olly spent the whole year studying SEO and researched ways to benefit Weblinks clients. As a result of this, Weblinks was able to offer a new SEO reporting service providing clients with an easy to use set of online reporting tools.

Weblinks Design Timeline


Jessica Williams joined Weblinks part-time as an assistant to Paul Vellacott. As a trainee programmer Jess began a year of studying and learning how to write web-based programs for server side solutions.

Weblinks Design Timeline


The advertising side of the business received a boost as new customers approached Weblinks to look after their artwork production in both local and national publications. Weblinks also continued to develop content management systems for clients websites both large and small.


After a busier than usual start to the year Weblinks have already completed several websites, including a bespoke mobile site for the Rural Chartered Surveyors David James & Partners and a content managed website for a local Multi Skills Sports Coach iCan, among others. Due to the steady increase in website production, Jess has now joined the team as a full-time programmer.

Having traced this history of events we hope it shows the steady and organic growth Weblinks has undertaken during the past 18 years. This progress has enabled us to provide a consistent and quality service to our valued customers and ensure we are available to help clients on a continual basis from year to year.

Weblinks is committed to customer service and this is supported by a dedicated team of experienced staff. If you would like us to help with your next web, print, or advertising project, please call or use the enquiry form provided. We are always interested in taking on new projects, without which there would be no company history to report!

Weblinks news

Some of our recently completed projects

Weblinks Design News

Burlington Paintings
2013 Autumn Catalogue

  • 72 page sales brochure
  • Layout design and production
  • Colour managed content
  • Press passed for quality control
Weblinks Design News

Jackson-Stops & Staff website
design and production

  • Bespoke design and navigation
  • Improved property search enabling customers to search in specific areas from 40,000 pre-defined locations
  • Easier site navigation using sliding panels optimised for touch screen tablets
  • New staff search facility for quick access to individual contact details by office or name
Weblinks Design News

Robert Holden advertisement
in The Art Quarterly magazine

  • Double page spread
  • Layout and production
  • Images colour corrected
  • Advertised in the Winter 2013 magazine

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